A's b-day week day 5

We knew from the moment our girl let out her first cry that she had a little diva in her. And lets just say that she was "that baby" you could hear crying all the way down the hall in the hospital.

So if you ever think our girl is happy all the time. You are wrong. Dead wrong. But she is happy most of the time. And for that we are so grateful.

She really has changed a lot since those early days, once a cranky little infant, and now an incredibly joyful girl. Had someone told this first-time Mom that in my early days I might have not despaired. I was a little in over my head with all her tears at times and sometimes when I couldn't figure out what was wrong I just wanted to cry with her, but good moments and bad, we wouldn't trade our girl for anything. She has taught me so much. The importance of patience and faithfulness, love and care, and sacrifice.

God gave me joy to care for my girl, in so many moments.

Who pooped on her lampshade and left Mommy a mess to clean up.

Who kept me up from 10:30pm-1:30am wanting to clusterfeed all night long.

Who's witching hour just happened to be when I needed to start dinner and Daddy was walking in the door from work.

Who was a slow gainer to start, but who made up for lost time and chunked up in her own way by at least staying on the charts.

Who gave me a run for my money on her first flight out West. I would have died on that 5.5 hour flight if Jess hadn't come with me. She screamed for a bit and lets just say the old lady next to me would not stop talking to me about breastfeeding and asking me "are we there yet?" about 25 times. I'm not kidding.

I would be lying if I said I didn't feel the sting of life before a baby, sleeping in, having time just Seth and I, and financial comfort. But all those things do not compare to this past year with our darling girl, because really there is so much more happiness in giving of oneself than always receiving.

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