4 weeks.

Our little chunk finally weighed in past her birth weight this week (she was a slow gainer) at 7 pounds, 2 ounces. I am so proud of my girl. I almost danced around when they told me how much she weighed in at. The NP who weighed her even told me "congratulations" and A showed us how excited she was at her milestone by peeing all over the table. Awesome.

Last night she slept in her crib, in her room, for the very first time. Hooray. And I slept great. If we actually had her crib mattress we might have done it sooner, but after too many nights listening to her "meep" and not sleep we decided it was time to go out and find one. Thanks to Mom and Jess's help, my faithful companions to brave Toys R Us with me, we found a keeper.

She continues to amaze us with how well she sleeps at night, going down at 11ish and waking up between 4-7am to eat, it makes for a very well rested mommy and daddy. We are so very grateful.
I had every hope of getting together a Christmas card and birth announcement before the holiday, but the prospect is looking grim and spending time with my girl has been a higher priority than the mail. It hasn't helped that I don't know what date it is and a good day is when I know what day of the week it is. Hopefully, I will get something together soon, so hold tight friends and family.


Laura said...

Aw 4 weeks I can't believe it! What a sweet girl giving her mommy and daddy so much sleep, M is a good sleeper too and let me tell you it makes up for a lot :) Can't wait to see you guys again!

sarah said...

Yay! Our babies are always the same way and took well past the preferred 2 weeks to make it back up.
What a blessing that she is still sleeping so well!
I hope that you feel completely released to take your time getting that announcement/card out ... we'll be excited to see it whenever it comes!
Have fun enjoying your first holiday season with your girlie!
~Sarah H.

Jess said...

Too cute!! So excited she weighed in well - good job!!

Becca said...

She is just so stinking cute. Good eating Mommy & LittleMeeps!

And I still kinda do a double-take when I see my best friend posting a blog post about her baby. :-)

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