yarn easter eggs. how to.

easter is just around the corner and any holiday is just an excuse to craft something to decorate. Lord knows I love to make anything with yarn so it made sense to turn transform these eggs:

into these pretties:

it's the easiest project ever. and all you need is:


styrofoam eggs. 

here's how to make it happen:

starting from the top apply felt glue and begin winding the yarn in circular motion around the egg. 
it should look something like this:
 once you get about half way down, trim off your yarn piece. 
 turn the egg over and apply glue to the bottom, just like you did with the top 
and continue winding with circular motion, 
 until the two ends meet up and then apply felt glue to the exposed area. and press the two ends together.
 and there she is, the finished product. 
 the best part is joining her up with the rest of her friends to decorate around the house with. 
because I already had most of the products around to work with this was a very inexpensive project. the only item I had to buy was the styrofoam eggs for $3.99 at joann fabrics. 

happy easter crafting. 

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