about me

I'm a wife to Seth and a Mommy to Audrey, Edith, and Bobby (our baby in heaven). A lot has changed in our lives since I started this blog 8 years ago. We've been married, moved, bought a house, had three children and now we are walking through one of the darkest times of our lives, the loss of our stillborn son, Robert Langdon Remsnyder. He was born on April 10, 2014 and buried in the spot where we stand in the picture above. Most of what you will find here is what life looks life after loss and how every life, no matter how small, has meaning and purpose, how hope rises, how life hurts and what it looks like to trust in a God we love, but don't always understand. This used to be a place where I shared our memories, projects, and my days at home. Life is simpler now. I've learned the shed the Mama guilt and breathe in the simple moments and see the beauty in things I would have missed or said no to before. I'm learning what it means to literally live in the reality of taking it one day at a time, because things that were small moments before mean so much more to me now. Raising kids is no small task and if there is one thing I hope my kids learn about this time in our lives is that the hope of heaven is real and that the Rock we stand on in Christ does not move.

Thanks for stopping and reading. I've met many other Mamas through this blog and have been so grateful for the encouragement I have found in sharing Bobby's story.
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