our girl.

from the day she was born A was a sleeper. she loves it. just like her momma. 

and it came as no surprise on the morning of her baby dedication she had to be woken up so we could actually get out the door on time (ie five minutes fashionably late). it made for a frantic rush to get everyone dressed and ready to go, so sadly, this is the only picture I got of her all dressed up in her cute outfit and I left our camera at home, so no pictures of her actual dedication either. mom fail. 
(little baby sleepy eyes)

I was quite relieved that after a short nap after church our girl was as happy as a clam and ready to party with all her family and friends who came to celebrate with us.

my girl, here you are at 16 months and you are as more of a joy as ever. your expressive personality, creative use of words, funny faces, pig tails, and sweet bed-time kisses are some of mommas favorite things right now. it is a delight to watch you grow and to have a day where we could publicly dedicate you to the Lord who has so kindly given you to us. we love you more than words can say and you are a gift that we simply do not deserve. 

dedication day pictures are up next. 


Helen said...

what a joy to see you guys up there on Sunday. your little audrey is so precious. i love watching you love her from a distance.

kendra said...

i like her sleepy asian eyes. Super cute.

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