East to West

In March, Baby A and I will be making the trek to Phoenix and San Diego to visit Gma, dear friends, see Jenny Murphy get hitched, and escape the freezing cold!

My excitement for this trip is building, but I have never traveled with a little babe, and the first leg of the trip I will be flying without Seth (he will be missing out on the PHX visit and meeting up with us in SD). As I am thinking about the trip, I would love any input from any mommies who have traveled and any tips for a first time traveler. Things I am thinking through are:
  • How to pack.
  • What to bring, what to leave. (stroller, car seat, clothes, etc.)
  • How to get through airport security.
  • How to survive a 5 hour flight.
Am I crazy? Maybe. But seeing all these dear people will make it all worth it.


Melissa said...

Baby carrier. When I flew to Omaha with Anne for her first Christmas, the carrier was so helpful. Left my hands free to carry diaper bag and my purse, free to grab id, paperwork ect... I packed 3 outfits, diapers, wipes, changing pad, a few toys and the paci in the diaper bag. This site was helpful... http://www.flyingwithkids.com/

AZ Poolside at G'ma's said...

Audrey will be sleeping alot...after all the attention and stimuation. You will be having some snuggle times when the lights go down low. The sling will be good even in the Lav.

More ideas to come.
I love you.


Beth W. said...

Oh, I'm a pro at flying solo with a babe. I'll email you.

jenny murphy/jmosssshizzle said...

this blesses jenny murphy's heart so much!!!

Will and Sena said...

Hey janet!
I've always found nursing while take off and landing helps a ton. The sucking motion keeps their little ears from popping and being uncomfortable, and who knows - she might end up taking a good long nap for you once she's full and happy!

Good luck!

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