A's b-day week day 6

It's a busy birthday week this week. Call me crazy, but here is what has been on the agenda for our celebration coming up this Saturday.

- go to soc. sec and legally change my name so I can officially be Mrs. Remsnyder. check.*
-finish sewing fabric bunting birthday banner. hang. check.
-scrounge together branches. spray paint white. check.
-rearrange dining room for the b-day celebration. check.
-make cookie jars. check.
-food shop for all birthday food items. mostly check.
-change sheets on guest bed. check.
-pick up Mom (she arrives today, hooray!)
-wish a very dear Casey a happy birthday. check. (and for the record you are more than a to do list item, just a special shout out to a very dear friend)
-Becca's birthday dinner tonight. cannot forget coupon.
-make a bazillion cookies and sweets. of various varieties.
-pick up 150 pounds of cow meat. no, I'm not kidding. God just has a sense of humor and really just needed to make this week even more memorable.
-maybe squeeze in a trip to Sams because it just so happens that we ran out of trash bags this week and of course I realized we were running out just after I got home from Target yesterday.
-assemble party favors. tie with pretty ribbons. put in baggies. check.
-bake said cookies. ice cupcakes. make candy apples. the only thing I have ever done before is make cookies, so no promises on the taste and aesthetic of other said items.
-bake and ice birthday cake for family b-day celebration. we'll see if this happens. it might take a small miracle at this point.
-vacuum. clean. need I say more?

Annnnddd. She's only one. I think I've outdone myself. Topped myself really. Pray for the future birthdays of our kids because I am starting to wonder if they will be equally inspired and creative.

Oh and Thanksgiving is next week. No big deal right? But in the midst of all this the reality set in. Audrey's birthday will always be the week before Thanksgiving. Bring on the craziness and the fun.

Pictures. Stories. And more to come. Stay tuned.
*funny story behind this. This time last year it was on my to do list of things to do before Audrey was born, but I went into labor a week early. Not what I was quite expecting being a first time Mom.


Becca said...

birthdays the week before Thanksgiving are just as special. :-) just rarely include pool parties.

Casey said...

i made the crazy weekend list?!?! i feel so privileged :D

and yeah. Becca's right - i was always jealous of my sister's July birthday. but fall bdays are boss.

M&K said...

You have out done yourself but for good reason! Turning one is worth the celebration and I'm confident that many great pictures capturing awesome memories will come out of this. I can't wait to see them and I'm sure she will love to look at them when she is older. Way to be a great mommy!

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