All week long I've been wanting to post this picture, but knowing that I really wanted to wait til I did your birthday post (one day late) to use it. It so perfectly captures how in love and in awe we were that God gave you to us.

From the moment I saw your face, you changed my life and I will never be the same. You were my babe that made me a Mommy. You gave me my new job description. You helped me learn what it means to know joy in the mundane, to give of myself without expecting anything in return, to be patient in training you to know whats right and this past year has been one of the best of my 27 years.

Getting to know you has given me a sense of wonder of our Creator, how He made you, formed you, and all the incredible developmental stages along the way. This year you learned so many things: how to laugh, hug, wave hello and goodbye, say Mama and Dada (and so many other words), crawl, eat food on your own, point at things you want, and the list goes on. I have so enjoyed watching you at every stage and each month that rolls around you outdo yourself, because I find myself saying with every new thing, "this age is my favorite." Really I think its my favorite, because I am spending my time with you. Apart from Daddy and Jesus I love you the most.

I didn't blog on your birthday because Daddy reminded me that in the midst of all the preparations and craziness to stop and enjoy you. I am so glad I did. Life will pass us by if we don't stop for moments like that. There will always be a to do list and things to check off, but you will not always be a baby who wants to be held, fed, cared for and nourished by Daddy and I. Our time with you is short in the grand scheme of things. Some day, hopefully, you will go off, get married and pass on the things to your babies that we have given to you.

Audrey, no amount of kisses, hugs, or words cannot fully express the love we have for you. We are so glad you were born. That you are a part of our lives. That God gave you to us.

Happy birthday my sweet Meepies!


Samantha Nhan said...

Janet, you captured it all so well. These are beautiful words perfectly describing this past year. Your blog is inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Aww...I had tears in my eyes reading this. I guess I know what you mean.

Becca said...

This definitely made me tear up. :-)

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