closer than a brother.

Proverbs 18:24 "there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother..."

to my dear friend on her 27th year (a few days belated),

apart from family, you are one who I thank God for the most. and what an appropriate occasion to count the many ways. what a year this past year has been. I know I say that almost every year, but this year is unique in many ways.

your birthday year started off when baby girl was born, updating our blog, probably keeping Seth sane, laughing with Jess when I was having contractions, and sacrificing a birthday weekend to be a part of our lives. poor dre. I think we made it up to him/you this year?

you were just as in love with our girl as we were from day one. you love her as if she were your very own. so special. I love the bond that you two have. she adores you.

you were there the day we came home from the hospital and we watched up. I cried twice and then the boys finally got the hint that post partum hormones cant handle that movie.

you were the faithful friend who encouraged me daily those first two weeks of meep's life when I am pretty sure that I cried every day because sometimes breastfeeding and sleep deprivation totally suck. thank you.

the big move. you trusted in Jesus and he blessed you with a place to live. I'm just glad we were a part of that plan and that we got to help you pack. so I guess you could say I'm completely biased.

then fast forward to may. can we live together with our husbands forever? I knew we were best friends before, but something about living with our husbands all under one roof just seems like more fun?

we lost power and played catan by candlelight, praying our beef wasnt going to go bad in the freezer. dre got hot. nuf said.
summer meals on the deck.
sharing countless food items. someday a giant 5 pound bag of sugar will show up in your pantry.
thursday night shows.

july/august/september. I am starting to wonder if you lost more sleep over our night in the er when I was sick than I did. you served us heroically during those months. I'm not kidding. and don't say it wasn't huge, because it totally was. I couldnt have done it without you. surgery, countless dr. appts., carrying my girl around, making us dinner, and adventures at the mall that involved strollers in the parking lot.

270 pile up. who needs a car anyways?

friendship from afar. while dre has been in ok I thank God for skype and unlimited texting plans. searching for good grocery stores, oklahoma groupons, and lots of trips to the airport.

emails. there are some that I keep around to read and reread. you always take time to respond and encourage me.

husbands. cowboys/skins. phillies/nationals. oil/water. its only because of Jesus and us that they love each other as much as they do.

life is such a wonderful ride with you as my best friend. I cant wait to many more years of birthday celebrations. love you lots.

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tessa said...

love this post & love ms becs. well written janners

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