late walker. early talker.

little a had her 15 month appointment yesterday and it was confirmed that she still is our little peanut, weighing in at 18lbs, 8 oz (3%) and 29 1/2 in long.

she has no interest in walking at this point. although we are hoping that will change in the months to come. there are times when walking is a joy:

and then there are times when walking really isn't:

she is really ok with walking if you are holding both of her hands and she can cruise along with your help and the minute you let go of one hand, down she goes, and in this case its all tears with the walker. bottom line, she wants to do it on her own, and as a mom, I figure why push her to do something she just isn't ready for. 

we are pretty confident that she is capable of doing it especially after she climbed up on the couch, by herself, this week. 

she likes to go at her own pace. and for these times, I'm grateful, because it helps me get to know my girl better. her personality traits are coming out more and more as the days pass. and so we've concluded, shes a talker, not a walker. her love is of the verbal and she seems to be content with the way she gets around now, by lightning crawling wherever she goes. her vocabulary seems to have expanded leaps and bounds in the past two weeks and I am loving it. each day brings many opportunities to teach new words and its the most amazing thing, when you point at an object and she says it back to you clear as day. 

and speaking of words...I finally used all my letters in words with friends (the equivalent of using all of your tiles in scrabble). it was a pretty good feeling. I'm not going to lie. the game isn't over yet, kendra could still come back, but its not looking good.


Laura said...

sounds just like Miya :) She was talking up a storm at the same age...but had no real interest in walking by herself. She would happily hold both of our hands but by herself was a no go! But just think, she will be walking just in time for outside fun this spring/summer :)

Melissa said...

Little A and Louis are meant for each other. Or they could just be very good friends with many similarities. :-)

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