a date night for me & the mr.

yesterday, was a half success. and by half, I mean I only got half of the laundry done. which if you are wondering what I'm talking about, it is that I forgot load #3 in the washer and load #2 in the dryer overnight. so...load #3 is going to have to run again because nobody likes smelly "clean" laundry that sat all wet.  

but all was not lost. remember this list? training started yesterday for the 5k. I'm following this plan, because frankly, my only form of exercise is carrying audrey up and down the stairs, and thats really not enough to say that I'm "in shape." I'm a little sore today, I'm not going to lie, but I did it and here's to hoping I can actually walk enough to get on the treadmill tomorrow to keep going. 

mondays are also date nights for us. a tradition we have kept for 5+ years now. every monday (or just about) we get to go out for dinner, talk about life, have fun adventures, and laugh a lot. date nights wouldnt happen were it not for dre + bec, they are so good to us to care for our girl week after week. 

this week dinner was mama lucias, another favorite local restaurant, and this week was a total let down. I sent my first plate back, and the second wasn't much better. it was as if they totally changed up their recipes and tried to convince me it tasted the same. 

onward and upward, we left and headed to the mall to use a $25 credit to j.crew that was expiring soon, we stuck to the rules, and walked out with a little something for both of us. score. 
seth with his "wanter" on as he looks at a table full of ties. reason being, we were able to get the $25 credit because seth bought his long desired suit from j.crew and we actually got a small percent back for paying for something that costs as much as a kitchen appliance.
the mall doesn't have much for us these days since we aren't spending money there and I was still hungry since I didn't eat much dinner, so we picked up some gf donuts at the store and seth couldn't resist making a detour into five below. I had never been and I really just would have rather sat in the car, but you cant really sit alone in the car in a dark parking lot, andddd it was date night. it could have been worse, but lets just say I probably won't be frequenting the place. I wish I could have videoed the only other people in the store, two chicks, singing out loud to katy perry's teenage dream. do you expect anything else from the dollar store?
our night ended with one of our favorite one on one games, word on the street. for the record, I won, but seth usually beats me.
I'm so grateful for nights like these to spend with my lovey. he's my favorite. 


Andrea said...

oooo what is this "word on the street" game? that looks like something zach and i would enjoy... do tell!

Janet said...

you should def buy it...if you like word games. :) you can play with groups too. its def a fav!

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