my 2011 bucket list.

we all have friends in our lives who are your "go somewhere, do something" friends. you know, those people who you can always count on for an adventure. it could be anything or everything that comes in to your mind.

so this year, I came up with some good stuff to check off on my 2011 bucket list.and with the help of some amazing friends and wonderful husband by the end of the year I hope I can say "I did it."

_run a 5k. running plan starts in two weeks. I'm planning on following this one and praying for success.
_visit & eat at terrain. this is on the list for when the weather is warm and the days are sunny. the cafe has come with rave reviews and anything owned by anthropologie has to be a winner.
_go to babycakes in nyc. its true. the nyc hater can't stay away. this bakery is just that good. and I'm really hoping for a stop at the purl bee so all my crafting dreams can come true.
_a weekend down at the shore. and right now I am dreaming about staying at one of these places. and my dear love has a june birthday, so I think that could be a good way to celebrate.
_plan another rocking birthday party for little a's 2nd. her first was so much fun and I want to come up with something as unique and memorable. I'm not going to lie I am already brainstorming themes and I really, really loved this idea that Megan tweeted.

more to come...

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kendra said...

i am offerering my services for 2 of those as a companion. guess which ones.

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