little A turns one.

Seth made her a very special birthday plaid and I made the birthday banners (sewing. lots of sewing)

first taste of chocolate milk

we celebrated x2. Aunt Becca's birthday was the day of the party.

(getting a decent family picture these days is virtually impossible)

and we ended the day with a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin for the birthday girl.

she really was the angel who made the day. no meltdowns. no tears. just lots of joy and laughter.


AZPoolside said...

I am so happy you got some great shots of the beautiful decorations and table - all so well done! You were a busy Momma, with I guess: 50 or more guests. I am so happy I was there with you all! Miss Meeps did so well with the right amount of everything!
I love you three!

Laura said...

Looks like it was fun! Happy B-day little A!

Amy said...

Such adorable decorations!!

kelly c said...

janet - great post! you did such an amazing job at your munchie's party!!! :) God has so richly blessed you & seth with your munchie and it is such a joy to see you both so aware & enjoying every bit of God's sweet gift to you. you are a great momma. love your little fam!

Samantha Nhan said...

Looked beautiful! You did a wonderful job, mama. I wish I was able to be there in person. So glad Audrey's first birthday was a success!

Anonymous said...


You did a great job! The decorations were amazing. I'm totally not liking having to follow that... ;) So glad we could celebrate with you all!!

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