baby sister

First off, this is not a joke. And after 27 years of life you would think I would be used to it by now.

The age question that is...

Today at church I was holding Audrey in the lobby having a nice conversation with a friend when this conversation happened:

Stranger: "oh my you have such a cute baby all dressed in pink."
Me: "thank you so much." (me, thanking God she didn't call her a boy, a post for another time)
Stranger mumbles something, I catch part of it.
Me: "I'm sorry I didn't catch that."
Stanger: "Is she your little baby sister?"

STOP. Yes. Baby sister.

I pause in disbelief for a moment. Half stunned really.

Me: "No, this is my daughter."
Stranger: "Wow! Well good for you." (half suprised as she looks me up and down)

Awkward conversation ends.

I really thought that after having a baby I would be past that. I mean after all, its probably been about 5 years since people asked me if I was graduating from high school when I was graduating from college. And even longer since my high school days when I was still being asked if I wanted crayons and a childrens menu at restaurants.

Here's the kicker...its not like I was dressed in a Hollister t-shirt wearing Ugg boots and leggings holding a baby and gum smacking in the lobby instead of listening to the Sunday message.

I guess I should just take it as a compliment and be glad when I'm 40 that I could still pass for 25?


Megan said...

Aw Jan, hehehe, Yeah. I guess you should just enjoy it for a while longer :-)

Bethany said...


I'd take it as a compliment. :-)

The Nutters! said...


AZPoolside said...

Janie Kay and Miss Meeps ... the never ending saga!
Yup, that's my Big girl!
I love you bushels and bushels...

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