the weekend & what mondays are all about.

last night my friend, Jo, asked what I did last week. I honestly can't remember. I'll blame it on mommy brain. but I'm grateful I have pictures like these to remind me at least what we did this past weekend. our weekend started off with a day off with daddy on friday and a trip to the mall and then dinner with friends. we ate these. and in my effort to get dinner in the over quickly, I left out the chipotle peppers. but the meat didn't miss them. praise God when unintentional modifications work out for the best. 
saturday was fun. jess took audrey. we got good stuff for dinner, which is one of our dc faves. it was a little crazy there (when is it not?) and somehow my order didn't get placed at the register and we left without a burger for me (so grateful for seth + andrew going back for it) and then some old man was mean to me at the pick up counter when I asked about missing condiments. it was one of those times when I just had to move on, forget about it, and not let it ruin the fun of the night.

after dinner with friends, it was on to see beach house at the 930 club. this was our first show we've been to since audrey was born and it did not disappoint. they were amazing. one of those bands that are great recorded but worlds better live. well worth the $25 ticket. played all my favorite songs. and, if you dont own their cd you should buy it.
and the aftermath of a busy weekend. laundry piles taking over our bedroom and all. it looks a lot better today. I promise.
its monday, and its my home day. the weekends are fun, but I love coming back to my job as a wife and mommy, chasing this girl around, meal planning, doing laundry, running the dishwasher, straightening up our house, emptying out trash cans, and cleaning up messes.
this weekend seth found out he has high cholesterol and he's saying goodbye to eggs every morning for breakfast and its back to steel cut oats. so I'm taking it upon myself to eat all the eggs in our house. egg salad is def going to happen for lunch today. here's to hoping I don't end up with high cholesterol as a result.
and really what would the start of a week be without a little puffs explosion and some book reading time. ndb. dont worry, I did clean them up, after audrey made it her job to crush half of them into oblivion. 

heres to a happy week. 

right now, by way of meals, its looking pretty good. I'm trying out some new stuff and I am hoping I'll have some recipes to share by weeks end (if seth likes what I try out on him). its been awhile since I've posted a recipe and the reality is, I haven't tried anything new.

and, I have to add, the oscars last night were terrible. there was very little movie variety in terms of nominations, the hosts were some of the worst I've seen to date, and there weren't even many pretty dresses to look at. all that to say, I was pleased that the kings speech won best picture. that was a nice consolation prize. kind of like when arcade fire won best album at the grammys. 

the end for now. I'm contemplating a shower or a nap. we'll see which one wins. 


megan said...

fun fun post. Loving the pictures too. Off to check on my toddler who is now crying for the 4th time in 30 minutes. Mondays :-)

Jess said...

I had to laugh...we both posted laundry pics. That is just what life is all about right now! =) (And I wouldn't trade it for anything!)

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