baby favorites.

ever since audrey was born I have been wanting to compile my baby favorites, and as friends have new babies, I am constantly giving out a list of my must have baby items. its a diverse list, but I narrowed it down to the items that I have used the most during audrey's first year.

if you know someone who is having a baby and need to give a gift, any of these would be a huge blessing no doubt.

aden+anais swaddle blankets. I am pretty much convinced that I couldn't have survived the first 3-4 months without these. several moms recommended them to me and I am so glad I went out to buy them before audrey was born. they are the best size for swaddling, lightweight, comfy, and you can use them to cover the babies in their carriers, etc.

swaddle designs sleep sack. the first one we got was a gift from my baby shower and we loved it so much we bought it in a bigger size. I love how soft and thick they are and do a great job keeping baby warm when they outgrow the swaddle age.

ugg baby boots. truth be told I don't think it makes any sense to spend big bucks on baby, but if you have a gift card these are well worth it, especially for the cold winter months we have here. we couldnt get audrey to keep her socks on to save our lives and shoes were the same story, these were the best solution and we def dont regret spending the money.

maclaren umbrella stroller. if you talk to any mom who has one they love them. and I couldn't have survived audrey's first trip out west without it. I was able to hold a 4 month old and fold a stroller with one hand. truly a godsend. and makes for good quick errands to the store when you dont want to pull something heavy out of the trunk.

carters white onesies. I prefer the carters onesies over the gerber brand...solely on the basis that they are pretty true to size. the gerber brand runs very small.

old navy socks. before audrey was really into pulling off her socks, these were the only socks that actually fit and would stay on her little baby feet. baby gap also makes them too.

munchkin spoons. I pulled these out for the first time a few weeks ago to give audrey some food and I don't know why I waited so long. the long handle made feeding her so much easier.

bumkins bibs. I tried several other brands and these were the only ones that did the job for a. you can throw them in the wash, they dry quickly, the fold up easily to throw in your purse, and they have good coverage.

bottles. I nursed audrey for the first 14 months, but seth and I left her with a sitter at least once a week for date night and these bottles were the best. my neighbor, who had a baby a few weeks before me, passed one along to me, and after trying so many other bottles this was the only kind a would take. changed our lives. if you are planning on nursing and also bottle feeding, this is a great option. once she got the hang of it, I was able to phase these out and started using these glass bottles that I got at my baby shower. 

bundle me. if you have a winter baby this is a must have. we couldn't have survived without it. and this past christmas we got the toddler bundle me for our stroller. (right now the price is the cheapest I've ever seen it, $26.99 on amazon)

baby mum-mum. for months 7-12, these were a favorite snack for a. and are great for throwing in your purse on the go or your diaper bag. they have def been a godsend when out with a fussy baby.

jj cole diapers and wipes pod. this has been a lifesaver. you have diapers and wipes in the same place, with a changing pad. great for errands on the go or when you stop carrying a diaper bag and want to just carry your purse.

dust buster. random. I know. but trust me had I known how much I would have used it now, I would have put one on my baby registry. once the kids start eating and you dont want to have to break out the vacuum after ever meal, this has saved the day time after time.

petit appetit cookbook. this was a gift from one of my sweetest friends and was such a blessing for this inexperienced new mom who wanted to make my own baby food.

american apparel baby beanie hat. these are the best. and also make a great gift. the first one we got was a gift to us, and with so many colors to choose from, its been fun to pick out more for little a to wear. and really they look adorable on little babes (figure below).

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kelly c said...

baby mum-mums = the bomb.
you are a great momma, friend. love your heart to serve mommas coming up behind you! God has gifted you in so many areas.
great post!

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