a new love is found.

Over the Christmas holiday, Seth always takes off for a week and we get to enjoy a little family staycation. This year, by far, was the best one yet. We had so much fun being together as a family and having little adventures planned for each day.

One of the mornings, we set aside for going thrifting as a family (inspired by the massive amounts of stuff we needed to drop off), but it seemed like an easy way to kill two birds with one stone. We've been working on our bedroom and basement and were in search of several different pieces. We had somewhat of a vision and an idea where we were going, but in the thrifting world you can't always plan that what you are looking for will actually be in the store and for the price you want to spend. Thankfully on this occasion we scored big on our first stop at Salvation Army. Two beautiful matching side tables for $44 total (the best part was we hit it on a day they were offering an additional 25% off all furniture).

And thus began the transformation. We started off sanding and then used Behr premium plus primer + paint in one to finish the job with two coats. Amazingly, we were even able to salvage the hardware. 

The finished product came together exactly as we wanted it to:

You might have noticed a little green chair in the "during" pictures above, Audrey had her first thrift store find too and she came home with a $3 old schoolhouse chair. It was in need of a lot of work, but nothing a little sanding and paint can't fix. 

Here is a little thing Seth and I learned in the process, even after being married for 5 years, we are still learning new things about each other. We both are pretty different in our interests, but I think we finally found something that we truly love doing together. And the timing couldn't have been more perfect in light of where we are in making progress on some huge projects in our house. It was as if all the right events finally came together and a light came on, I almost felt a little bit like John + Sherry from Young House Love, minus half of their skills, but we're learning. 

I'm working on all the final details of our bedroom, but thanks to a lot of hard work that room is so close to being done. I can't wait to share. 

This post has been brought to you courtesy of 3rd trimester nesting. 


Katie said...

love all of your makeovers! from what i see of your bedroom..gray, white, pops of yellow, i am really loving it :) its great to have moments of feeling like john and sherry every once in a while, keep up the beautiful paint makeovers! audrey will look great in her new super cute chair!

take care!

Mrs. Miller said...

Both projects turned out beautifully! Yah for thrifting + paint and a little elbow grease!!

Becca said...

you have unearthed new skillz my friend.
& Behr paint is totally the best. ;-)

megan said...

super cute stuff!

Anonymous said...

Wow!Wow!Wow! Both the side tables and Audrey's chair are beautiful! You both did a fantastic job!! Now I know who to call for decorating advice! Love to all -Mom Remsnyder

Brielle said...

Love it! :)

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