a bedroom on a budget.

Lord knows if I had a huge budget I would spend it and the process of completing a room like our bedroom would be a lot easier. But I like challenges and having to accomplish the look I want for a fraction of the cost has been a lot of fun. It's been an adventure along the way and I have had to be patient and wait for the item I want for the price I can afford. Not always easy and lets just say there have been several frustrating moments along the way, including calling several different TJ Maxx's in an attempt to find a matching lamp. I failed.

All in all, I am happy with the finished product. It's not completely where I expected to end up, but sometimes those outcomes really are the best.

I blogged last week about our thrift store finds with the side tables and thankfully, I was also found a dresser at Goodwill too. This was an ugly thing, with lots of potential.

The finished product with new hardware and all...

As for the rest of the room, here is a little before and after peek into the finished product:

(the before pictures were taken when we moved into the house almost 4 years ago)

A few of the details: 

Here is the budget breakdown:
Side tables $44
Dresser $45 (new hardware: $5)
Curtains $41 (including blackout from Joanne's with a coupon)
Rug $156*
Shelves from Ikea $36
Lamps(2) $119
Shams $43
Bedskirt $25
Paint $35
Total spent: $544

*I had to explain that price. I did a post on it awhile back. That was about as much as I was willing to spend for an 8x10 rug, but the rug we ended up with was far more than I could have asked for. And really the only reason we got it for such a great price was because of a website fluke. Happy accident. 

Also, having a husband as an artist saved me a huge chunk in terms of figuring out what to put up on the walls and I knew that budget line would be a big $0. 

The transformation was dramatic, but this whole project from start to finish took about 6 months. Add in pregnancy sickness and that really slowed us down. All that to say, it feels very good to be done.  


Becca said...

love it! and it gives me hope that some day I'll have an idea and motivation to figure out our hodge podge room :-) nice work!

The Nutters! said...

Ditto what Becca said for me too! It looks beautiful. Nice job!

Katie said...

Janet--I love everything you have done! Your husband's artwork is amazing and coordinates so well with the whole room :) I really love every little detail you added, so lovely! And thank you for saying it took you 6 months to finish..I've been feeling behind on our new house that we have lived in since June but reading your comment made me feel so much better--it does take time and that's okay when you get results as good as yours. Well done!!! :)


Mrs. Miller said...

I read this post with a dropped jaw a couple days ago, but failed to comment. The room turned out SO AMAZING! Well done! Your use of color is perfect, and the elements all come together so well. One question: where did you find that much drapery yardage for under fifty dollars??

Janet said...

Thanks ladies! It was a fun room project and huge relief to have it all done.

Mrs. Miller-I swear by Fabric.com. They always have coupon codes that you can google and they have free shipping on orders of $35 or more. To do curtains I generally order about 5.5-6 yards and then use a coupon. Saves a ton of money!

mi joanie said...

What color is the gray wall paint?

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