a shower. pt 1.

There are so many things I could say about this special day. But after months of planning and years of dreams, it came together so much better than I could have ever asked or hoped for.
 our thrift store desk find (sanded and repainted to match)
 a beautiful day to celebrate.
our streamer canopy dreams came to life. 
one of the very best friends who I am so glad we could celebrate.
handmade airplanes.
gf/df rice crispie cupcakes.
homemade sodas and paper straws.
lots and lots of cute babies.
& babies to be.

(Photo credit goes to ellie b & kristen leigh)


Katie said...

what a special day for a special lady. you are such a dear friend to her :)

Mari said...

This was a lovely event for a much loved lady! Thanks for inviting me!

Becca said...

you're amazing friend. very grateful to be the recipient of you and K's mad skillz and vision. ;-) -- and even more glad we can be friends again. :-P

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