my "baby" big girl.

In my absence from blogging, the new baby isn't the only one in our house who has been growing. It seems as though my little "baby" girl is now officially a big girl. It's a bittersweet feeling, but I have to say it is mostly happy because her personality, expressions, and communication have been coming out in all new and wonderful ways. 

She has been talking up a storm and now seems to be able to remember things and recall new things she has learned. Just today we were looking at pictures on the fridge and she is quick to point out people she knows. Claire, her cousin, was of particular interest today and not only did she remember her, but she also wouldn't stop talking about her  birthday "party" that was a few weeks ago. 

My girl, you are a true delight at this age, as you are at every age. To see how you are learning to engage and speak is so much fun. 

I love talking to you and I love how you greet me with a "hi" when I go in to get you from your naps. 
I love the hugs, kisses, and "pats" you freely give. 
I love to watch the sweet relationship that is growing with your Daddy. He loves you so very much. 
I love that you ask to pray. It's not uncommon when we pray before dinner that you want to pray several times after. 
I love to observe your desire to "help." You want to be right there doing what you are watching and being a part of it. 
I love to see your love for books and reading. Mommy has been so grateful for your sweet contentedness to sit in your crib and read for an extended time so I can rest. 

We adore you and treasure you. Time is flying by, but we can't wait to see you just love being a big sister. You are going to do so so well. 
(Audrey rocking out in baby Kless' new gear. She needed to try it out for him. Or so she thought.)


Becca said...

I still can't believe she's your kid. And I love her big time. :-)

AZPoolside said...

Cuteness <3

RKP said...

hahaha good to know baby kless can wear that hat for a while :)

Anonymous said...

Sweet girl. What a blessing. Oh how I wish we were closer.

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