hey baby.

On July 28th, I got this. One test, thats all it took and I was pretty convinced. 

Then on September 7th at my midwife appointment, we are hearing the heartbeat and Seth couldn't contain his joy and decided it was a good time to announce it to the world, via twitter.

To our delight and to our friend Brian's (probable) disappointment, there was just one little baby bean. 

And Audrey is more than overjoyed to be a big sister and we are too to welcome another little baby into our family sometime on or around March 30th. 

More on this baby later, because lets just say it has rocked my world and there are far too many people to thank for helping me get through the first trimester. 


Becca said...

yay!! baby!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for my newest little "grandbean"
Love to all!!Grammy R.

Ally said...

how fun janet! it'll be a race to the due date. :) i remember audrey was born on the 19th or 20th because my due date with caleb was the 20th, and i woke up that morning, heard that you had delivered, and was so jealous! (he was born the 23rd.) i am SO HAPPY for you both and so excited to be sharing this fun time. two's better than one... right?? :)

Amy said...

congrats!!! :)

Krista said...


Seth said...

I'm glad you made it too. ;)

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