a weekend.

strawberry picking and peonies at butlers

 after our dishwasher saw its end on wednesday, our oven kicked the bucket on friday. what are the chances? so we ended up back at sears to buy a new one and audrey discovered the train. she and daddy went for a ride. needless to say she loved every second. she even said "please" to go on. 

we dropped little A off at home for bed and then went to the hospital to meet baby bennett. seeing our dear friends jim & tessa with their second little boy was just the sweetest thing.

saturday morning started with a text from one of my best friends, stef, saying that their little girl had arrived in the middle of the night at home (not planned). and her birth story is def one for the record books and was quite a bit more epic than her older brother, jackson

we enjoyed our saturday morning breakfast tradition of pancakes with the addition of freshly picked strawberries.

saturday night little a got to have another train ride with daddy at the rio. 

sunday morning, after church, we finally got to meet little baby abigail and hear the story in person. (for the record, there are no story tellers like stef's hubby, andrew.)

we left from the hospital to go to PA to celebrate our nephew's first birthday. audrey and israel are 6 months apart to the day and its sweet to see how much they enjoy each other being so close in age. 
(A's very first scooter ride. another thing that she was just dying to do as soon as she saw her older cousins riding them. she was intent on fitting right in and loved riding around and having daddy push her)

what a week it has been. and thankfully they don't come around very often. 2 new appliances, a newly walking audrey, a speeding ticket, 2 train rides, first time strawberry picking, 2 new babies and a first birthday party. so much to celebrate and so much to be grateful for. 

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megan said...

wow! Buszzzy!
Love the berry picking picture from overhead. Fun post!!

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