good read.

it's a long one, but good. and well worth the time it takes to get through the whole article.

it made seth and I rethink a lot. how we use all the technology in our lives. iPhones, laptops, blogs, news and iPads. it made me stop and consider how I am "present" in life and not checked out in a virtual world that vies for our attention at every turn.

(as a side note, its cool to see Jon, the writer of this review, where he is now. back he in high school he was my english teacher and he was a huge driving force in teaching me how to write and thinking through the why behind it. I'm so glad to see that he is in a position to use his writing gifts to in a context like this to challenge and provoke people to stop and think.)


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Bethany said...

Money quote: "Our priorities are screwed. But we're going 150 miles per hour. We have no time to stop and think about whether the choices we are making are good ones or not."

Thanks for passing this piece along. The last year, I've been wrestling with the way technology, especially social networking sites, blogs, and online shopping, has come to consume life and takes me away from my children, even if I'm physically present with them. Stay-at-home moms are certainly not immune from the siren call of the internet. I've been particularily concerned that E and K2 will grow up thinking that the better part of being a mommy is hovering over my phone and clicking around the internet. That would be so, so sad and so untrue.

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