dear jackson

we've been waiting for you. and we are so glad you are here. even audrey.

Our dear friends andrew and stef had their baby last week and we were able to visit with them and get to see their sweet newborn baby, Jackson. What a sweet boy he is. Audrey wasn't too sure what he was all about but as pictured above we were able to get them together for at least a picture.

Brief rewind on why we love the Mahr's so much. After living with the Smith family our almost first year of marriage, they sold their place and we were head long in the process of buying a house and needed a place to stay on a more short term basis, and they saved the day and gave us a roof over our heads while we waited to hear back from the bank if they accepted our contract on our house. We were so grateful for their friendship before living with them, but are even more so after living with them for even four short months. They are dear friends and we can't imagine our lives without them.

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