restart button, please?

It's 11:12am. And...

I have already fallen down the stairs with the laundry basket. ouch.

Seth spilled his coffee on his way out the door to work.

Audrey spit up all over herself as I was taking her out of the bath.

But, today I am sure it can only get better. Or at least I hope. Audrey's pea face just about sums up how I feel about the day today.

On the greener side of the grass...

Audrey is 6 months today and I am praying for pretty smiles and cute faces for pictures with Jenny and thanking God for 6 months with our sweet little meepies.

Our nephew is coming into the world today. What could be happier than a new life coming into the world? I can't wait to meet him.


EP said...

Ooo, I can totally relate to the steps thing! I've fallen down (and up) my steps so many times, I've pretty much sworn my next house is going to be a rancher. I hope your day gets better!

megan said...

Awe Jan, Been there. Praying for lots of grace.

The Nutters! said...

Ouch! Hope it gets better. :)

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