many things.

its been a full week.

with mom here visiting a lot happened.

we dedicated our girl.

we saw cherry blossoms.

we went to the zoo.

A started walking with only one hand. this is a huge accomplishment from the girl who would drop to the ground if you let go of one hand.

we went to get A's "first shoes" at the nordstrom kids shoe dept. mommy picked out a pair of purple toms.

our dining room chairs came, thats a step in the right direction for my dining room project.

I think I went to target about 4 times in one week.

the rubber met the road with our resolution and for the first time I was kicking myself for even getting into it when I went into the j.crew outlet. (utter stupidity. yes. for going into the store. not for making the resolution.)

we celebrated seth's grandfathers 80th birthday.

we were sad to see g-ma go. we so enjoyed having her here and it's always sad to say goodbye. we wish she could stay and play all the time.
today were off to dc in the afternoon to spend time with some good friends. such a wonderful end to a very good week.

many, many posts with pictures to come. nothing like having mom in town to make me get out the camera to take lots of pictures of all our adventures.

1 comment:

AZPoolside said...

I like the pic with Daddy and Meepies. I miss you three (& all the buds).
Hey, you took a lot of pics :-) The one posted is nasty looking . . . Please, please, pretty please, replace it with another one in which Miss Meeps and I have pleasant faces.
I love you three <3 <3 <3

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