a new years resolution of sorts.

welcome 2011.

welcome a big change.

i blogged about it awhile back. and then a conversation started. and then we realized it would be a good thing to do.

no buying new clothes in 2011. truth be told, the odds are against me. most friends thought I was kidding and it took a few minutes of explaining to really convince them that I'm [we] are serious about doing this.

no nothing. no shoes. no coats. no shirts. no pants. no accessories. no purses.

and you know what I'm excited because at the end of the day, we have more than we need. we have no wants. and this is going to be good.

it's going to be a wonderful year giving thanks for what I have and not dwelling on all the "have nots" and wants.

to have money that is freed up to be generous to others and bless them in ways we couldn't have if we were buying for ourselves.

to pay off more of our school debt.

don't get me wrong, I'm a shopping lover at heart, especially clothes. and now that I have a daughter its even worse. the love of clothes has extended to her wardrobe.

nothing makes me more excited than scoring an amazing deal on designer jeans or just the right color flats to complement the "perfect" outfit or the feeling of accomplishment when you get everything for only $25.

and to make the plan for 2011 even sweeter, one of our very dear friends is joining us. who else is in?

next post: the rules.

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