true confession.

there are nights when I really miss my girl when she goes to bed. sometimes I want to go in and just hold her and snuggle her. reality gets the best of me in all those moments, when I realize she probably wouldnt like that as much as I would.

but being a mom has taught me lots of things, one of them being the gift of such a special bond with my baby girl, who has more recently become my big girl.

its hard for me to imagine being away for her and so many mornings I wake up so excited to see her and spend the day with her. call me crazy.

15 days from today, Seth and I will be leaving Audrey for five days for a much needed break to sunny FL to enjoy some time at Disney. I'm excited to have time with just Seth, but I have to admit its a little bittersweet. the longest I have left her was an overnight and I was tempted to cry the first few hours we were gone and when it was time to come home I was so ready to hold her and kiss her sweet face.

in leaving I feel like I'm going to have to hit the reset button the minute we walk out the front door. no diapers to change, no baby to hold, no meals to feed and clean up, no clothes to wash. but I am so grateful we are leaving her in good hands with dre and becca, who really are like another mom and dad to her. she loves and adores them and I have no doubt will have so much fun spending her days with them.
so to all your seasoned moms out there any tips for leaving your little babe behind and enjoying some time away with your hubby? I need all the good ideas I can get.


Becca said...

we're going to have a very good time :-) but she's going to miss you lots too. I think she's gonna be ridiculously excited to pick you up on Sunday...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Savor these ideas. I can't imagine being a mom without these thoughts. Enjoy your time talking about Miss Meeps while you are away. Play a game to see who mentions her first, each hour.
I don't go too many hours without thinking about you three each day.
Love makes you a family.

PS I don't know why my post turned out Anonymous...must be the hour :-)

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