friday aspirations.

friday is finally here. the long awaited day of the week where I just wake up breathing a sigh of relief knowing that the weekend ahead includes family time. and lots of it.

mom comes in from az this afternoon and we are counting down the hours and the minutes til we can go pick her up.

meanwhile, in the midst of a crazy week, we were finally able to book our mini family vacation to cape may. check that off the bucket list.

while we are on that subject I am happy to say I am a little past the half way point of checking off the 5k. I am about to start on week 5, day 1 and I have to say its hard work, but has been so rewarding. I don't love it while I am doing it, but I love how I feel after.

and as if we didn't have enough going on, its full speed ahead with re-doing our dining room. its been a work in progress, gathering ideas and waiting for the right time to put it all together. I ordered the new chairs this week and am trying to settle on a rug. here are a few before (and somewhat during with the paint sample on the wall) pictures.

the weekend ahead looks lovely and sunday may just have the weather we prayed for to grill out for audrey's dedication lunch. 

happy friday! 

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