a half week.

its the wednesday that feels like a thursday. and it was a tuesday that felt like a wednesday and so on. ever have that kind of week?

monday was a great laundry day. the key to success was getting audrey on my side, teaching her that its way cooler to help mommy by "patting" the folded clothes rather than tearing them out of the basket.

tuesday was a grocery day. which involved almost getting pulled over on the way to the grocery store. we are talking so close, I had my sob story already prepared, the sinking feeling in your gut when you see the cop car lurch forward, the lights go on, and the siren wails. thankfully, it was the acura behind me that fell prey to the radar gun. I really don't know how I escaped that because when I looked down at my speedometer Lord knows I was wayyy over. in my defense, I was coming down a hill. thankfully our trip to trader joes was mostly uneventful.
and don't let this little cart of food fool you. it rang up to a whopping $102. it was one of those trips to the grocery store where you think "I've got this under control, I don't really have that many things on my list." hah. always comes back to get you. every time.

and today, its just kind of a quiet wednesday.

mom is coming to town on friday (which I almost typed tomorrow because it really does feel like thursday). hooray.

audrey's baby dedication is on sunday and friends and family will be in town visiting for that.

with the impending craziness of a full weekend, basketball to watch (go butler!) and lots to get done, I have been meal planning, cleaning, shopping, and brainstorming in every free moment I get. not to mention making another list of things I need to get at the store. because one trip this week wasn't enough?

not to mention audrey has been keeping me busy with her new antics, that I have affectionately named "perching." (don't worry this is all parentally supervised "perching")
but I can't totally complain...I have such a cute face to keep me company. in the past few days she has turned into quite the chatterbox occasionally slipping in a coherently understandable word. its pretty sweet.

in other blog worthy mentions, if you have a free second, check out our friend Ben's website. he wrote a song and is raising money for samaritans purse which is participating in aid relief in japan.

happy wednesday.

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