almost famous.

well, not really. but there is kind of a story behind this picture. can you figure it out?

remember pinterest? I've talked about it on here before. it's my new favorite way to organize and keep all my project ideas together. its changed the way I do projects and I love it. 

more recently I noticed that our little family blog was picking up a significant amount of traffic and I was a little curious why, and I found out that sherry from young house love had picked up a pin of a picture on our blog from jenny + jamison's wedding

so really, its nothing special, just kind of neat. and I can't even fully take the credit because jenny truly is the one who has amazing style and I just got to take a picture of it. 

if you would like an invite to pinterest to join in on all the fun project organizing leave a comment and I'll get in touch. 

happy monday! 


kendra said...

aaaahhh yeah!
betweem you and this and me and PW, we are pretty much celebs.

The Nutters! said...

You are so cool ;)
Yes, I would love an invite if you have one to spare - I tried to get one on my own from pinterest and I am waitlisted or something.

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