blogs make life look perfect. I'm sure ours looks peachy most of the time. that gourmet meals are always on our table for dinner, that my house is neat, the laundry is folded, my child just loves life every second, and that seth and I love each other perfectly. but the reality is, life isn't always perfect and thats ok. today was one of those days that its not about the perfect of a schedule running smoothly, but its about embracing the interruptions, the accidents, and the naptime that just won't happen (even when I desperately need a nap). 

sometimes when things don't go my way, I get angry. I'm not a perfect person. but having this sweet girl in my life to remind me of my imperfections, I have a choice. I can stay angry and frustrated about my lack of control, or I can move on and be glad for where God has me in that moment and all that in spite of the inconveniences I have so much to be grateful for. 

like this sweet girl who waves and "woofs" at the window to the people (and doggies) walking by.
 for this sweet face that melts my heart every time and reminds me that I am so blessed to be her momma.
 for simple meals. like this one. that isn't fancy, but it makes the husband happy.
 spilled puffs. that I am responsible for. 
 but for a sweet girl who is always happy to help her momma out. 
 for my measuring cups and spoons that provide my girl with endless entertainment. especially in times of desperation.
 for my amazing husband. after a long day of work. who cleaned up the puffs and blew on each one of them to make sure there were clean? this moment is no exception of the many ways he selflessly and sacrificially serves our family.

and lastly, for my girl who learned to say and sign "please" and nod her head yes & no this past week. 

life isn't about perfect. and I'm so glad for that. who else wants to join the club?


Benny said...

You are a blessed woman! Can relate to this post. The other day I opened up a completely disorganized cabinet and actually smiled. I knew it meant that I had been giving my time to more important things--like training the girls. Glad you are able to look to Him for joy. Love you!

Anonymous said...

hahaha oopps. somehow I was signed in as Benny. The "Benny" comment was actually from CAITLIN!

Connie Z. said...

one of my fav posts of all time. the happiness in blog world sure can sound unrealistic sometimes. Or worse, can tempt me to covet. Thanks for celebrating the imperfections and being honest about your home and life.

Sandy said...

This was truly uplifting. You are a great wife and mother. And, you have learned that life is more than the nitpicking, cleaning, etc. Life is to be lived to the greatest extent possible...and you're well on your way. Congrats. Sandy R.

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