recipe(s) of the week. tacos.

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we love tacos in our house. there is no question that during any given week we could eat them at least once. so much so, that I have it broken down by categories of favorite tacos based on the meat I use to make them.

ground beef (you can substitute chicken or turkey) go to penzeys spices and buy their fajita seasoning. becca gave it to me as a gift for christmas and it changed the way I make ground beef tacos. right now if you use coupon code 00002C you get $5 off.

shredded beef (made with a beef roast)

dark meat (chicken thighs) *this is a crockpot wonder and has been a recipe that has been passed on from friend to friend. even people who don't normally like dark meat love these tacos. they are worth giving a try.

white meat (chicken breasts) this is great for the summer months.

fish tacos jenne introduced me to these. this recipe can be modified to use cornmeal instead of flour and you can use gf beer. for all non-gf eaters, enjoy as is. the chipotle tartar sauce and slaw is incredible. 

cilantro lime rice is my go to side dish.

all this taco talk makes me even more excited for our annual cinco de mayo party that is just around the corner now. and chances are I will probably be serving some of these recipes there. cant wait.

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megan said...

Good stuff girl!

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