date night and pig tails.

monday was date night as usual. and thanks to my new found inspiration from last week, I was able to put together a fun outfit to go out with my lovey. 
here's what I put together:
j.crew button up ruffled white shirt paired with, seafoam green sweater from gap.
j.crew matchstick black pants.
frye molly flats. (if I could have a pair in every color I would be the happiest girl in the world.)

date night involved shopping again. seth is in a wedding in a few weeks and he lucked out and "needs" to buy clothes to go with the other groomsmen. we tried j.crew and came up empty, ate dinner at maggiano's and then moved on to urban outfitters. thankfully just before the store closed seth was able to find some pants and I browsed the sale section. sadly enough, I left empty handed. I found these beautiful shoes, but there was no match anywhere in sight. and believe me I was on my hands and knees looking under the rack and inside every box to find this shoes match all to no avail. dont worry, even if I had found the match, it would have been a legit purchase thanks to a store credit to urban. score. I guess better things are waiting for me on another visit.
and in other exciting news, audrey is officially sporting pig tails. melt my heart, I was the happiest mom in the world when I was able to put them in her hair for church on sunday. granted, she hates the little elastics that I use for her hair so I had to distract her with a pack of gum. a new recent curiosity she has. and if you chew gum in front of her you can pretty much count on her trying to fish it out of your mouth with her little pointer finger. 
another victory this week, which never happens, I was actually able to do all our laundry in one day. that includes: lights, darks, seth's work clothes, and towels. this was no small miracle. now its waiting in nice piles to be put away. here's to hoping that happens before weeks end. I'm really starting to wonder if laundry baskets are just going to be a permanent fixture in our bedroom (as pictured above).

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The Nutters! said...

Yeah...since Walker our bedroom has at least 1 and probably 2 baskets of laundry at any time. At least its clean?

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