makeover monday.

it happens to every girl. you wake up, shower, have to get dressed but stand in front of your closet and mutter to yourself, "I feel like I have nothing to wear." story of my life almost every day. not buying any clothes has been so so good, but it has left me at times, feeling a little uninspired about what to wear. the sweats have been winning way to much, and if it isn't that, I've opted for my "fat jeans" which may as well be sweatpants. 

but thanks be to God for good friends, who sacrifice their morning to help me out and bring a little life back into my "boring" closet. 

and because its a monday say hello to no makeup and un-styled hair. 

the aftermath.
I learned its just a matter of being creative, trying new things, and putting things together to see if it will work, and its ok if it doesn't. and more importantly, I realized even more that I don't need any new clothes, that I really have plenty. and in this process I was even able to get rid of more clothes. success.


Laura said...

awesome :) Now can you come help me out with my maternity clothes? Cus I am not feeling any of it right now...and as we speak they sit in large piles in the corner of my bedroom :)

megan said...

cute cute outfits! And yes, I love the naked baby in the background :-)

Lydia Jane said...

Caaauuuuute! I didn't even notice naked Audrey. I was laughing at Kristen in the background. I like the outfitsss.

Tali K said...

you are so cute miss J. Very cute indeed. Is that massive pile in the bkgrnd what you are getting rid of!? Way to go!!

kendra said...

i like how you are lovingly cradleing your phone in each picture.

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