i love you from the top of my heart.

saying "hi" to dada on the deck.

our darling girl. you are so loved and adored. each month and day that passes only gets better with you.

today you said "dada" as dada walked in the front door from work. I think that truly made his day.

at your 9 month appointment you weighed in at 14lbs, 7oz (3rd percentile) and were 26.5 inches long (25th percentile).

on your 9 month birthday you decided that it was time to move and havent looked back since. everyone says our lives will never be the same.


kelly c said...

love this post, friend. :) indeed children are a heritage from the Lord & it is evident your heart is rejoicing over your gift. so grateful for your example as a momma.
love you

The Nutters! said...


carlotta said...

Such a sweet post! Beautiful photos.

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