The Many [Happy] Faces of Baby A

Don't you just want to eat her up? I just adore my happy girl.

Don't mind her unbuttoned drawers this was just after she got a clean diaper on. Contrary to her earlier days, diaper changes (especially on her changing table) are her favorite times, but I can't really figured out why.

If she is anything like her Mama, sleep is what makes her day. The past few nights she has been sleeping 7-8 consecutive hours and going down for the night around 10:30ish with a little cat nap just before. Hooray!


Becca said...

I've had that first one in my inbox since you sent it and I just keep looking at it. :-) Love her--and you! and glad she's letting mommy get some real sleep.

megan Roca said...

Love her!

megan russell said...

she's soooo adorb :)

Melissa said...

Awwww! She is a cutie. So glad to hear she is doing well, and that you guys get some good sleeping time. :-)

The Nutters! said...

Jan! Those are so sweet :)
Such a happy girl!

AZ Poolside at G'ma's said...

Sweet Jesus!
Good times!
I can't wait for our next time together ;-)
{{{{}}}} Raspberries and
******** lots of KISES too!

Anonymous said...

Too cute for words!! She looks so much like her daddy when he was a baby! Miss you all.
Love & Kisses and lots of smoochies for Audrey!
Grammy R.

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