More Recipes

The month after she was born we were brought many yummy meals, I had to pass these recipes along from some of the meals we enjoyed so much.

Laura brought us Baked Lentils with Cheese (recipe from Susan Jansen).

Becca brought us Spicy Black Bean, Chorizo, and Turnip Soup. This is what's for dinner tonight and instead of Bec's making it for us, I'm returning the favor and making it for her.

And I am working on getting a tortilla soup recipe from Jenne, a chicken soup with quinoa recipe from LB, and a mexican recipe from Pami. Since I haven't gotten the tortilla soup recipe, I used this one from Megan Russell last night for dinner. I simmered it all day, added avocado, and it was perfect. For GF eaters, I got both my Chicken/Beef broth from Trader Joes.


Beth W. said...

ohh . . . pass along the chicken quinoa recipe please!

megan Roca said...

those soups are amazing. I love soup weather!

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