When the Boys are away

the girls will play! While our men were off in the mountains of West Virginia for Drewbie's bachelor party weekend, Bexter and I coupled it up for marrieds CG and then had a sleepover at the Klessmas house. Although we missed our boys pretty bad, it was such a refreshing time to be together as friends and catch up (a very rare luxury these days). It made me even more grateful for our friendship and how precious those times are that we get to have together.

There is nothing like coming home to this kind of lovin'.

One thing that pretty much made my weekend was an email from Seth that he sent to me on Saturday morning, I had to include a few excerpts of it because it made me laugh so much.

"Hey baby girl! I'm so sorry i didn't call you last night. I totally lost track of the time. My phone is dead and i didn't bring my charger. I miss you so much baby. I will try to call you on kyle's phone, his is dead too, or maybe matt's if ky's doesn't work. I'll try to call when we're on our way to the golf course, most of our phones aren't getting service here anyway. this place is pretty special. matt ky and i shared a room, i complained to ky alot about how much i miss you."


Jess said...

That is too funny! It sounds a lot like something my hubby would say! Being girls, of course, we would NEVER forget our chargers and we would HAVE to have that good night call! =)

Becca said...

such good times with you best friend! thanks for initiating it and keeping me company. there aren't words for how fun it was to fall asleep talking to you and wake up talking to you again. we'll have to make this a tradition. ;-)

kendra said...

oh... i wish


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