2 Years Ago Today

We were engaged!
Love, I'm so glad you asked and I'm so glad your mine. I love you with all my heart. There is no one I would rather share my life with.


Andree said...

hey remember that time we went to the beach 2 years ago today?... oh wait.

tessa said...

so grateful that you two got engaged (and then hitched ;)). what a great day!

Anonymous said...

Oh, kids!
I love the loveys!
What a memory...
Keep 'em comin'
your MoM goes to the beach :-)

Anonymous said...

We're so glad you're a part of the family!!
Love Caitlin (& Benny)

Becca said...

can't believe it's been two years... that was a very memorable day. only day I've ever turned off my phone on you. :-P
love you both!

Jess said...

Man - it seems like yesterday! Time is flying by!

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