A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

More pictures from our Boston trip coming soon!

Needless to say, Drew and Seth leading the trip was an adventure and I think Mel and I grew in our trust in God. Some unforgettable memories:

When Mel and I went to pick up the vans a manager by the name of Mr. Twigger helped us out. At many points through that process I had to put my face down on the counter to keep from laughing out loud. Apparenty their lot hand cut out early and he had to wash the vans. When he brought them out he was like a hen with ruffled feathers.

Driving 10 miles off of 95 to find a gas station only to fill up 2 of the 3 vans in our group.

Pulling off again to get gas for missing van #3 only to get separated. Thank the Lord the van filled up anyways.

Being nicknamed "Nascar" by Joel after relieving him and Seth of their driving duties.

Would any trip be complete without plenty of poop jokes and stories?

Seth driving down 95 while Joel held the computer for him so he could read his email. In his defense, he was on a deadline to get the final submission of his artwork in for approval.

Listening to Viva la Vida on repeat.

Watching poor little tweety bird get smashed into a million pieces by our radio antenna.

LB and I both learned that we shared the same feeling about the thought of going to outer space: it makes us nauseous.

Cutting across 5 lanes of traffic on 95 north so we didn't miss our exit.

Seth taking out another SUV (Drew left the left side sliding door open) in the Boston Common parking garage. Everyone in the car winced when we heard it.

Newport, RI Starbucks. I wish everyone I was friends with could have been there to witness the most ferocious fight for an oversized chair that I have ever witnessed to date.

But when all was said and done, I was more in love with my man after that trip than before.

And when I ran into Megan this week I had new sympathy for what an 11 hour trip down from Boston is like.


Megan said...

Aw Janet, I loved hearing of the adventures during your trip to Boston. It's amazing all that happens behind the scenes, yet God is still over all and protecting us. He is good.
Thanks again for all the sacrifices you guys made to come and help us. It was a joy to serve with you.

Kelley Murphy said...

God bless you, Janet

Kim said...

It is good to be here. We are having fun exploring this new world... You will have to tell me more about Boston..it is one of the cities we hope to visit while we're up here.

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