For My Mom

Today while shopping at our neighborhood Whole Foods Market, I realized they were completely out of stock of our favorite corn chips. They had been running a sale on them for almost a dollar off. When those kinds of sales pop up at Whole Foods you just can't turn them down, because anything helps when you total everything up there. I kindly asked the guy stocking the shelves if they had any more, he shrugged his shoulders and sent me on to the customer service desk to inquire about a rain check. When I arrived there was a helpful lady behind the counter and she promptly found what I wanted and wrote up all the information for the rain check. As she handed it to me over the counter she made some comment as if to say, "thanks for doing that for your mom."

"For my Mom?!"

I must have looked dumbfounded when she said that. Not only was I not shopping with my Mom, but do I really still look like I am 16 and on a trip with my Mom to the grocery store?


Mrs. Miller said...

HILARIOUS!!! hahah!!!

Becca said...

priceless. :-P

Anonymous said...

That's my BIG girl and Lovey's Baby girl !
You know how to ask for stuff and get it done ;-)
Way to make your Mom proud too!

Megan said...

hehe, that cracks me up!

Anonymous said...

Believe me, you will appreciate the "you look much younger" comments when you are 50!! (like me)
Love to you both!
Mom R.

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