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As a wife there are so many things I have learned. How to clean, what to clean with, how to cook, and what tools to use, and the list goes on. Most of them have related to household products and in my search to find the best and most helpful items I am making a top 5 list (some were learned from others and some I found on my own).

Realizing that there is a wealth of knowledge out there I am tagging 5 ladies because I figure there is always more to learn from others and they can keep it going: JessMo, Bec, Tessa, Mrs. Miller, and Hannah.

1. Martha Stewart Colander
It's compact and effective and doesn't take up as much space as a traditional colander and washes great in the dishwasher. I got hooked after living the Mahrs and when we got our house I couldn't live without one. (Crate and Barrel and Bed Bath and Beyond also make their own kind). Seth and I love it so much we have taken to giving it to our friends when they get married even if they didn't register for one. I hope Will and Alycia liked theirs.

2. Lime/Lemon Juicer

Making everything from scratch these days this little guy has come in handy and I couldn't live without it. I probably use it every other day when making dinner and since its summer, limes are the best addition to any meal. We found ours at Crate and Barrel, but I am pretty sure almost every kitchen store would carry ones just like it.

3. Mrs. Meyers Lavender Dish Soap
I've sung the praises of Mrs. Meyers before, but it could always be said again. And she makes great household cleaning products that don't make your house smell like chemicals when you are done cleaning. Mom liked the stuff so much when she came to visit she had to go home and buy some of her own. I even found some on sale this past weekend when Bec and I went grocery shopping together at My Organic Market in Frederick. Germantown Target, World Market, Whole Foods, and a few other stores in our area carry it.

They are one of my favorite kitchen decorations and I got the idea from the Kless's who had a "K" in their kitchen.

5. Pampered Chef Chopper

It makes cutting onions not so sad anymore and food prep seems to go so much faster with this gadget. I can't imagine making things without it.

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Will & Alycia Irish said...

I just saw this post and YES, I LOVE that collapsible strainer you guys got us. I've already used it twice. =)Thanks!!

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