Oh the Places You'll Go

What good post doesn't start with a story and lots of pictures? Carly came to visit while Seth was away at T4G and when the men are away the girls will play. Mrs. Sasser + Char Monster + Me= memories for a life time.
Saying goodbye the morning Seth left. I was so sad to see him go, but Carly and I kept busy while he was gone and before I knew it he was back.
Flowers upon his return. They lasted for almost two weeks and made me happy every time I walked in our front door.
Two days after we got back we had the privelage of going to visit our sister church, Covenant Fellowship in Philadelphia, PA for a weekend to be there for the announcement that Seth's close friend, Jared, would be taking over as Senior Pastor of the church there. What a joy it was to be there to share in their joy. This past weekend we also got to spend some time with our friends Jared and Meg and their kids while they were in town visiting for a few days of vacation. (J&M thanks for stopping in to spend time with us, it was great to be with you and the kids and we wish we could see more of you, we can't wait to see you again!)
Claire and Allie were also in town for the event and Claire really wanted her picture with Uncle Seth by the huge "Animal Kingdom"like area they have for the kids of the church. She thought it was pretty cool.
Next weekend we celebrated with Melissa Jackson with the upcoming arrival of baby Anne Elizabeth, we already can't wait to meet her! The diaper cake was amazing and it was such a joy to be there to celebrate with her. Opening gifts was the best part because it was a constant flood of "oohs" "awwws" and "thats so cute." I had to stop myself by the time I got home.
The new Mommy and all her presents!
In May we got to spend some time with our marrieds CG with a trip to the Nats game and the picture below pretty much has to be classic Jim, minus the fact that he is out of his element rooting for the Nats and not the O's.
Even Dronkey came along for the fun!

The New Mr. and Mrs. Irish!

We love these people and are so grateful that God has put them in our lives. And now Will and Alycia are man and wife!
In May we were sad to miss out on NA, but Seth was able to complete a painting that he sent along for the art show. I was so proud of him for finishing such a large undertaking right after our move and all the craziness that followed. He rocked it!
Meet Ern (short for one of our favorite pastors). He joined our family for about 3 weeks and made a run for it during a huge thunderstorm while climbing out of the box he was living in and we decided that we just needed to set him free.
Ern really brought out Seth's fatherly insticts and he pretty much insisted on watching over and protecting the little guy. Including the daily responsibilities of digging up worms from our front yard to feed him. Needless to say I wasn't too sad to see him go. Seth on the otherhand was a little heartbroken.
What birthday would be complete without a Matt and a Thai Restaurant with no A/C? It was hot the whole time, which was fine until our food came and then we all started sweating. It was a memory to be sure.

Our side chairs came for our living room while Mom was here. This pretty much made my day and Mom was able to help me decorate some more once they arrived. It was so great having her here and her eye for our house.

Two of my most favorite people ever. I love them so.
I miss my Mom. Having her here was one of the most special times. We hadn't seen each other in a little under a year and It made me realize how much I want her so much closer and what a gift she is to our family. It blesses me so much to see how much she loves Seth and cherishes him. He is like one of her own. We had so much fun having her here and it was so nice to be able to walk into the next room and just say "hey mom." And what can I say, now being an adult I am seeing more and more that I am "my mother's daughter."

We can't wait to celebrate Christmas with you! I will be counting down the days til we see you next.
Pretty much classic family moment. Seth chewing off my face and Mom being, well, a Mom.
Seth caught me. For those who know me, they know I have a knack for staring and people watching. Seth caught it on camera. What can I say Baltimore's Inner Harbor really is that good. (Becca, this really is for you).
Italian Ice. Need I say more? It was intense and I have to say some of the best I have had in a long time.
Right after Mom left we headed out for the Gundy/Remsnyder beach vacation down in Bethany Beach, DE. It was memorable: I got burned to a crisp (foolish girl who didn't wear sunblock), we played tons of games, Solitaire wars with my love, incessant Nacho Libre jokes, and never in my life have I witnessed so many people around a dinner table all at once. MaMa rocked meal time and was so sweet to make us special baked potatoes that we could eat!
All of the Remsnyder kids and grandkids:
This is Claire telling me about her Swedish fish. She has gotten to be quite the character and the things she says make me laugh so much! Every time we see our nieces they keep getting bigger and bigger. I want them to be babies forever!
Seth with Bella and Gabi.
That's all for now! Up next: 4th of July with the soon to be DeVries', Boston E-team with the soon to be Garfields, the arrival of little Anne Elizabeth, saying goodbye to the Sassers as they head to SC after the Clash (so sad), and two more weddings!


Jess said...

Loved the update! You make me laugh!!

Becca said...

my goodness that's a lot of peeeektures!!

love the shout out. you're nuts. ;-)

Anonymous said...

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
There is no place like Loveyland. . . Hugs to you all over there!
I look forward to your trip at Christmas!
your MoM (fill in the blank)

The Nutters! said...

The staring pic made me LOL! That's such a Janet :)
<3 U!

tessa said...

yeah for the maga-update! even though i knew all that was going on... i still like the pictures ;) can't wait to hear about Boston!

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