Update of Sorts

As if getting over the holidays wasn't enough, since Dec. 29th we have:
  • Moved
  • Celebrated a New Year
  • Celebrated a Birthday, with me as a sick birthday girl
  • Put an offer on our first house ever (deep breaths)
  • Worked 55 (and counting) hours in one work week

And next week we celebrate our first anniversary and pretend that all these adult things aren't happening, just for three days and then we come back to reality.

Buying a house feels like such an adult thing to do. It probably is. Oh wait, it definetly is. I've never been committed to something for 3o years, I haven't even lived 3o years! But its about to happen and we are really excited. Finally no more living out of boxes, cars and unpacking for real. Ahhh, what a thought. The whole living out of cars thing isn't a joke. Just ask our friends. We had been successfully pawning off driving duties to other people until this past week when Seth's aunt came for a visit and we (and by we I mean Seth, I started to feel like it was normal to look like that) decided it was time to at least empty the back seat. He didn't touch the trunk, we are still sort of in denial there.

Now the questions come...when do we hear back about the house...we actually don't know. We put an offer on a "short sale" so it could be weeks. When we do, no doubt we will let everyone know. Please pray that the bank accepts our offer, we really love the house. But if they don't we know that God has something better for us and hey, it only took us 20 stops at other houses (some of which I couldn't even get out of the car, cause the neighborhoods were so scary) to find this one.

PS-Seth changed the colors of our blog. Can't you tell that I married an artist?


Joyface said...

I am definately praying for you two and that house.

Mrs. Miller said...

The Millers are also praying that the sale goes through on the house. What an exciting development in your life together!

Jess said...

I know that God will land you in your perfect home in His timing. I remember how hard it was to wait and look at about 50 billion houses! I hope you are feeling better! Love ya!

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