Baby Charlie

Baby Charlie, its the running joke amongst friends and the future name of our little one, whatever gender they might be. Seth is convinced we are going to have all boys, me on the other hand, I don't know if I can handle dirt and mud tracked through the house, but I suppose its a little easier than emotional girls.

Breathe. I'm not pregnant. But it seems to be the eternal question that everyone has for you as soon as your feet hit the ground when you get home from your honeymoon. Anywhere you go this is the standard dialogue:

Person A: Sooooooo (emphasis there), when do you want to start "trying?"
Me: We're not really in a rush to have kids, but are open to it whenever the Lord would have it.
(What I am really thinking: we just got married! Give us at least a year!)
Person A: That's great, you have time. (insert awkward advice about when said person and her husband starting to “try” to have kids)
Me: insert awkward smile and nod

So here we are, we have been married almost a year. Still no Baby Charlie. And we are completely content with where we are. Happy to cherish the time we have before kids because we both know once they come it will never be the same. We definetly want to have kids and we can't wait to have a real Baby Charlie and not just a subject of our running jokes about kids. We trust God for his timing for kids and not our own, but if it was up to us, Baby Charlie might be making an appearance in the early to middle part of 2009. J

So the next person I see who asks me that question that I always get, I will just reply with, "Well haven't you read our blog? Did you see what I posted?" Because that's now what we all seem to say to each other anyways, isn't it? Forget using blogs to keep up with people at a distance, it's now with people who are our best friends, they get updates on our lives on a blog. I really need to pick up the phone more I guess, or something?


Becca said...

ohmygosh! just saw the title--so it's official!! you're pregnant!!...

or not. ;-) but seriously. the more you talk about "Baby Charlie" the less and less convinced I am that he's going to wait until 2009. I'm pretty sure that's how it all works: you talk about it a lot and suddenly you have it. especially when it comes to babies.

Kelley Murphy said...

stay strong

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