My Love is Twenty Five Today

Happy Birthday my love! I'm so excited to celebrate your birthday. I was thinking about what to post and I thought that twenty five reasons I love you or something like that would be cheese. The truth is that there are so many more reasons than twenty five and I would rather write them in a note or something, not "blog" them all. Besides, some of those reasons are just for loveys... like reason #23. I love you cause your eyes sparkle. Or, reason #22. I love you cause you smell good. Hot and heavy, for our eyes only.

While I'm on lists here are some quick birthday facts about lovey having to do with the number twenty five:
1. Janet is 25 times hotter than the sun.

You're my favorite and I'm so glad you were born. God has been kind to you and I'm praying that a highlight of your birthday this year is that you think about the twenty five years, or just the ones you can remember, and worship our loving God for all of His mercy and kindness to you. He's watched over you, saved you, and drawn you closer to Himself throughout your years and He has made you drop dead gorgeous. Sorry, got distracted there. He has made you more like His Son Jesus.

I love watching God work in your life. I love watching you respond to His grace and follow after Him in all you do. You are an excellent wife. I love the way you think about our home and the vision you have for the day, Lord willing, that we have a house of our own. I love the way you love our friends and carry them on your heart. You're my favorite lovey, my only lovey, and I wrote you this song on your birthday (Please sing it as you read it, and for anyone else reading this you can sing it too, it's really easy):

You are my lovey
you are my lovey lovey
I love my lovey and my lovey loves me too!
You are my lovey
Yes, you are my lovey lovey
I love my lovey and my lovey loves me tooooo-oo.

Life is so much fun with you, so sweet with you... happy birthday Jan.
Your husband,


Laura said...

Aw so sweet! Happy birthday Janet! I totally sang the lovey song outloud too. I think I'll sing it to Lew when he gets home, if that's ok with you Seth ;)

Becca said...

I'll skip the singing but good work Sethmus. :-P

Happy Birthday Cakes!! So very grateful for y-oooooo-u!

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