You Get What you Pay For

and for some things you don't. When you don't it's a disappointment and often results in talks with those in charge, but when you do I think that there is something to be commended in those who "get the job done" and who do it with excellence.

I'm talking about Christmas cards. After searching and searching and not finding anything that was "quite right." I found them! And not only did I find them, but the company that is doing them is awesome. As I am sure you are wondering who we went with, it is Tiny Prints. From start to finish their service has been throughly outstanding, with emails to follow up and phone calls to talk about the picture that we selected, they have gone above and beyond what I ever would have expected. The best part was they have a huge selection and you can make whatever changes you want to the text of the card.

And if you couldn't tell I am SO excited! For those who are wondering which card we chose, you are going to have to wait and check your mailboxes some time in early December!

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