The Christmas cards came. Hooray! (Andrea, just be patient, they are coming soon! If you get your thank you note first that is a good sign that I am heading in the right direction.)

Our Christmas shopping is underway and I have to commend my love because it was his idea to get it all started on our date night this week. We still have lots more shopping to do, but at least we made a dent!

Yesterday was this special girls birthday. How timely the season that she was born in, because I can't stop giving thanks for her and her friendship to me. God is so kind!

I ate Cheeze-its for breakfast this morning. Can't say I wholeheartedly reccommend that choice, but there was no more Quaker Instant Oatmeal in my drawer at work. That was sad.

While I ate my hearty breakfast I decided to change our blog colors. Again. With the Christmas season coming it just made me feel happy to see the holiday colors. No doubt they will probably stick around until April due to so many other things falling higher on the list of importance.

And today we celebrate 10 months of marriage! Our lives our so full I was reminded that today was indeed the 21st by a friend who was celebrating 9 months of courtship/engagement with her fiancee. It's really time to slow down!

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Becca said...

I was thinking the other day about how you guys weren't married this time last year. :-) We love being "marrieds" with you two!

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