July Adventures

We made our trip out West to see the Grand Canyon and we got to spend Mom's birthday in Sedona. It was a really great time for us to be together and we got to make even more memories on this trip.

Here are some of the highlights from the trip and some of the things we've been up to since we came home from our trip out West:

Time together. We hadn't seen my Mom and my brother since our wedding in January, so being all together again made for many good memories, lots of laughs, and of course plenty of sanctification.
Mom's monumental parking job at some rest stop place in the middle of the desert to which she explained that she "meant to do it" (and for many of you who know Mom well you prob know exactly where she went after she did this bad parking job). After that Seth thought all of us would just be better off if he drove and we all learned 5 minutes later that it really wasn't the best idea due to the fact that he was driving on the highway with the e-brake on and didn't realize until he finally said out loud, "why isn't the car picking up." Pretty much gave Mom and heart attack and the rest of us a good laugh. Pride comes before the fall.

Squirrels up close and personal. Grand Canyon little nutkins are quite tame and this little guy had no trouble coming right up to you to find out what you are all about. We had lots of fun taking pictures of him, he was so cute!

In N Out Burger comes up big again. No disappointments here except for the fact that I wish I ate more of it. Eating just two on our trip really wasn't enough. And the fact that they now put special sauce in "to go" packets pretty much made it for me. For now we are left to dream about when we will eat it again.

Joe's Farm Grill Coffee Shop. Pretty much the cutest coffee shop in the whole world and I am kicking myself because the one time I left my camera at home is when we went there. We got to enjoy some good time with Mom and just relax, it was a great time.

Pei Wei. And yes if you aren't catching the drift this post is mostly about food. AZ hands down has one of the best selections of food that I have ever seen. Its worth it just to go and visit and eat the whole time. This trip I tried out the Pad Thai and loved it! Seth was pretty excited about it too.
A Hair Cut. No AZ trip would be complete without a haircut from Cynthia. She is one of my dear friends from AZ so our time together serves two purposes: catch up time and hair cut. This visit without any apprehension I decided to cut it all off (as seen in the picture above). I hadnt had a haircut since before the wedding and so needless to say. It was really time to start fresh. I love it and it's so much easier to take care of. Long hair may come back but for the time being I am enjoying it short and Seth seems to really like it too.

The pool. It was so nice to be able to go out back and jump in and also afforded me some sun so that I can actually look like I go out in the summer. Seth and Adam kept us entertained with their belly flops and cannon balls off the side.

The whole trip was great although going to AZ without these kids made me pretty sad. Dre and Bec have been a part of so many AZ trips that it just didn't seem ok being there without them especially since they love all the things about AZ that we love. FOOD, the pool, and these people.

It wasn't long after we unpacked from this trip that we were packing up again to head to FL. My grandmother passed away last Sunday and that left us saddened and also trying to find flights to make it down there for the funeral this past Thursday. We are so grateful for so many of your prayers and for all the folks who offered to help us out practically too (Jenni, thank you SO much for the meal and the portable DVD player). Just after coming back from our trip to AZ it was back to figuring out rides to the airport, meals until we go, and laundry so we can have clothes to pack! In the midst of it all God gave so much grace, meals were made and laundry was done. Seth and I even spent our first night apart since being married, that wasn't so fun but it made seeing each other again even sweeter! Although it was a hard time to be spending time together it was great to see family again and spend time with my uncle, Mom and Adam.

Our month wouldn't be complete without a project either. We have started painting our bathroom. And since before and after pics are so much fun, here is a semi "before" picture of what's to come:

And last but not least, we "celebrated" our six month anniversary in the airport. This also afforded us some adventures to. What trip to the airport doesn't with us? For starters I used the mens room in Fort Myers, which really is a story in and of itself and I really should pay attention to what gender the restroom is designed for.
Sadly I didn't realize it until I walked out of the stall and saw urinals and thought to myself, "why are their urinals in the womens room?!?!" Yeah, Seth laughed out loud as soon as he saw me walk out of there as I am sure I also entertained the rest of the people sitting at our gate. Thankfully, there were no men in there at the time I decided it was my turn to use the restroom.


Becca said...

oh Jan. I love you. pretty much that sums it up. I think the bathroom text message made my night last night... and knowing we were both making special memories with our husbands in different parts of the country.

3 cheers to Pei Wei! double date time? we should probably put all this "I miss you" to good use and plan one. :-P

Laura said...

Ha, I've done that bathroom thing before...but not in an airport, too funny. I love those pictures! And all that talk about food makes me want In & Out sooo bad! It's been 3 years, I've almost forgotten what it tastes like ;)

I've been praying for you this week!

Jess said...

The bathroom story had me and Dave laughing this morning! We celebrated our 6 month anniversary in an airport too! I'm sorry to hear about your Grandmother. Miss you guys!

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